The Last Duel Review What’s the truth?

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The Last Duel Review: In the different points of view, the question is who is real? The story’s the movie shows us from three contrasting points of view, which said that the truth is mine. At the bottom of the line, who exact shamed? Who exact told the truth? This article is going to figure it out.

The Last Duel Review

Initially, the movie is about the historical period. In my point of view, it’s quite an impressive story for me. Even movies like The King, Outlaw King including Game of Throne. All of these are movies I strongly recommended if you like sort of movies like these.

The storyline, from the book called ‘The Last Duel: A True Story of Trial by Combat in Medieval France‘. Which written by expertise middle period literary ‘Eric Yager’ the book related to the history of France.

The situation in the film happened between the 100 years’ war between England and France. The war disputed claim to the France throne in the middle of England Royal House of Plantagenet and France Royal House of Valois.

Jean de Carrouges was a France knight who was in the front line to defend the Royal of England, He leads France army against England many times.

The Hundred years war

Let’s back to the 100 years’ war that I am mentioning, the war not exactly had been happening for 100 years, but the war has stopped and started again many times which took time for 100 years. Explain briefly, The King of England and The King of France in that time were complicated in royal families to take the throne with right from legal. Consequently, the social system ‘Feudalism’ had made them related somehow.

The social system gave the land by surname. If you imagine that, 2 of the different royal surname claims rule the land of France. Therefore, the 100 years’ war then began! At the moment the king of England had taken of 2 positions, On the one hand, he was The King, On the other hand, he was the duke of Gascony in the land of France.

I fall in love with many films that were made from books, For reasons, the theme of a storyline and how it was presented were different from others. As well ‘The Last Duel’ is the one that different storytelling style in my point of view.

The film, represented by 3 characters, Jean de Carrouges (by Matt Damon), Jacques Le Gris (by Adam Driver) and the last Marguerite de Carrouges (by Jodie Comer) from the disparate perspective which the character looked inside in who they are and, how they reacted to situations

The Last Duel Duel In the Movie in history

Begin with Jean de Carrouges

Which who are seeing in himself with honour. In the first story from the movie, we will be looking at Matt Damon was so cool, don’t we? In the beginning, I am not sure yet, how the film tried to tell us. So, the character’s Jean de Carrouges was strongly royalty and high reputation. Including clarity of mind and being the one person who totally does love his wife of history.

That we are knowing that how he had been thinking how he is. From this perspective he is one of the great men, he has the ability to fight and be patient. Although, his friend betrayed him or unfair rule. He was always fine and keep kindness and honour.

Matt Damon as Jean de Carrouges in the movie the last duel

Next to Jacques Le Gris,

Adam Driver stands for the character that almost made me think about him as a person who royalty with his friend. Perhaps, he shames in what he did then the story of him be like this. When his friend ‘Carrouges’ came up he always said that he counts Carrouges as a friend with respect.

Which personality’s Jacques Le Gris, that clearly, he had tact and aptitude to speak. Therefore, he had able to achieve not that hard in politics. Which opposite side with his friend ‘Carrouges’ that has taken a high risk for few returns. The ability to speak that reflex from what he believe, maybe he had been thinking he was better than anyone including his friend. And he can be made women enchanted.

Adam Driver as Jacques Le Gris In The Last Duel

The last perspective from Marguerite de Carrouges

The film showed such a pity woman ‘Jodie Comer’ passive action from everyone around her, her mother-in-law, her husband, her husband friends, and her friends. However, it showed her skills that can manage resource’s family lands. Moreover, the film presented how much loyalty she is. They also pointed out she cannot give up on unfair rules. All of that was what does she think about herself.

Jodie Comer as Marguerite de Carrouges
Jodie Comer as Marguerite de Carrouges in THE LAST DUEL REVIEW

My point of view.

First of all, I totally think that sequence of the film can effectively manipulate the opinion of viewers. This film looks like, it is going to support Marguerite perspective deliberately. I just think that it’s too much. If the sequence were different from the movie, many viewers perhaps think in other ways. For example; if Marguerite’s point of view shows us first and ended with the Carrouges story, audiences are possibly thinking Carrouges was a great guy.

Regardless, the different stories had one similar thing, Marguerite was not the person unfaithful to her husband. However, in the ending point of the story, Jean de Carrouges is able to cure the honour of his family on the battle which we knew ‘The Last Duel’

If you will be asking me that, what is the truth?
Or who told the true story?

In my opinion, the whole’s story in the film was true. Whichever, the truth holds on different people. It was going to show us how characters attitudes are. Everyone has had a personal point of view. For me, in three position’s aspect doesn’t have absolutely true. But they add their opinion in the separate stories.

What’s the movie want to spread?

I quite believe that the creator studio including the writer would like to spread an idea’s the woman who doesn’t assent in inequity of gender and old culture, then her dare to stand for what she believes although she can die for this risk. This story is possible to make an inspiration.
Meanwhile from another angle, if the film wants to express that ‘Jean de Carrouges’ was a man with honour and person of historical, it will sequence the movie in a different way of course.

The person who wrote the history made it to be clear, they want to express the first idea. However, the movie creator, pretended like they created an open space for audiences to judge by themselves for the question that ‘what is the truth?’ Even though, they gave us some information like ‘Marguerite de Carrouges doesn’t marry anymore and had responsibility in her land very well.

About casting.

One of my surprises was the character’s Pierre d’ Alencon by Ben Affleck, at first I didn’t know that, he was the person in a gold hairstyle.

Which is Ben made me quite surprised in this casting, one of the reasons is I hadn’t been thinking Ben will play as the bad guy, and I didn’t get used to it. I am one of his fans, that used to Ben in the character in gentleman. However, Ben said that this character is the one of the actor life that he favoured. He feels free from expectation and free to play as this character.

Positive reasons to be a bad guy character was it can be made mistakes and wrong things. If one day or some situation that they did the good thing even a few, that thing is more good than it was. (I think Ben already knew that in his real life!)

The Last Duel Ben Affleck as Count Pierre d'Alençon

Eventually, all of the castings was fantastic, how they tell the story are excellent as well, quite a glamour. The mood and tone’s film is perfect. It’s worth it to watch. So, if I have the free time, I am going to read the book ‘The Last Duel: A True Story of Trial by Combat in Medieval, I am sure that.

If you guys finished the film, please give me your opinion in the comment box below. And what is the truth in your opinion?

The Movie Information


Quote from the film.

พระเจ้าไว้ชีวิตคนพูดความจริง และความจริงชนะ ผมไม่กลัว

Sir Jean de Carrouges

The Last Duel Official Trailer 


  • Jodie Comer as Marguerite de Carrouges
  • Matt Damon as Jean de Carrouges
  • Adam Driver as Jacques Le Gris
  • Ben Affleck as Count Pierre d’Alençon
  • Marton Csokas as Crespin
  • Harriet Walter as Nicole de Bouchard
  • Clare Dunne as Celia


  • Ridley Scott

Written by

  • Ben Affleck
  • Matt Damon
  • Nicole Holofcener


  • Dariusz Wolski


  • Claire Simpson


  • Harry Gregson-Williams
The-Last-Duel-review รีวิว-ตกลงความจริงคืออะไร-ภาพปก
The Last Duel Review What’s the truth?
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