Embark on the hidden gems of BangKhunThian

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Embark on a remarkable journey through the hidden gems of BangKhunThian, where tradition meets innovation, and nature thrives amidst the urban hustle and bustle. Get ready to delve into the rich history of the Mon people, explore the enigma of sinking land, and embrace the playful locals – the monkeys! Plus, we’ll take you deep into the heart of the fishing community, introduce you to a renowned social architect, and provide opportunities to engage in art and nature. To top it all off, savor exclusive dining experiences featuring local seafood and a chef’s table extravaganza.

Thailand Travel Bangkhunthian
Thailand Travel Bangkhunthian

Morning: Immersing in Culture and History

1. Local Mon Museum:

  • Start your day at the Local Mon Museum, where centuries of Mon culture come to life. Discover their unique history, traditions, and artistic heritage. Marvel at intricate sculptures, textiles, and artefacts.

2. The Land Marker Sinking:

  • Next, we’ll explore the fascinating phenomenon of sinking land. Learn about the challenges and innovative solutions being implemented to address this pressing issue. Witness firsthand the intersection of human resilience and nature’s force.

3. Local Monkey Monument:

  • Our journey continues to the Local Monkey Monument, a serene spot where you can interact with the local monkeys. Enjoy the antics of these playful creatures amidst the lush surroundings.
Thailand Travel Bangkhunthian
Thailand Travel Bangkhunthian

Midday: Embracing Local Life

4. Local Fisher Community & Home:

  • Dive into the heart of the fishing community. Visit a local fisher’s home and gain insights into their daily lives. Experience their hospitality and perhaps even try your hand at traditional fishing methods.

5. Meeting the Social Architect:

  • Meet with a renowned social architect who played a pivotal role in designing Thailand’s parliamentary buildings. Gain insights into the vision behind these iconic structures and their significance in Thai culture and governance.

Afternoon: Art and Nature Exploration

6. Painting Home and Kayak Adventure:

  • Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of artistry as you visit painted homes that tell stories of the community’s history and culture. Then, embark on a peaceful kayak adventure through the waterways that connect the district’s civil organizations.

7. Sustainable Garden:

  • Wrap up the afternoon with a visit to a sustainable garden, where you’ll learn about organic farming practices and the importance of sustainable agriculture in preserving the local ecosystem.

Evening: A Culinary Journey

8. Lunch with Local Seafood:

  • Enjoy a delightful lunch by the waterfront, featuring the freshest local seafood prepared with authentic Thai flavors. Savor the unique tastes of the Gulf of Thailand.

9. Dinner at the Exclusive Chef’s Table:

  • As the day winds down, prepare for a culinary masterpiece at an exclusive chef’s table. Expert Thai chefs will craft a menu that celebrates the essence of Thai cuisine with a modern twist. Each course will be paired with fine wines for a memorable dining experience.


Our immersive journey through BangKhunThian promises a day filled with culture, nature, and delectable cuisine. From the depths of the Mon Museum to the enchanting monkey encounters and the heartwarming interactions with the local fishing community, you’ll experience the true essence of this remarkable district. Add to that the insights from a renowned social architect, art, and nature exploration, and exclusive dining experiences, and you have a day that’s nothing short of extraordinary. Come with us to explore BangKhunThian and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Bangkhunthian tour
Bangkhunthian tour


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Sunday Sep 24,2023
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  • Pick up at Duklong cafe and Eat
    at 8.15 am (Please come early at 8.00 am)
  • Drop off at the same place around 7 pm.
  • The trip is subject to cancellation if the group does not reach a minimum of 10 people, ensuring the best experience for all participants.

Join us on this extraordinary adventure to uncover the hidden treasures of BangKhunThian. From cultural immersion and nature exploration to exclusive dining experiences, this day promises to be a journey of discovery and connection.

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